Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Clutters, T&C

I remember previewing a few tracks off of this album, and then downloading a couple of songs, and apparently somehow forgetting all about the band and their songs. However, I believe some sort of external force was dropping subtle hints to get me to check out this album. First, I saw the cd on the back wall of Waterloo Records, then I saw it again later at End of an Ear, then I went home and watched Capote, and the family who is murdered are The Clutters, of course. Soon after that I bought the album and it has been in heavy rotation on the ipod ever since.

The Clutters hail from Nashville Tennessee, and their debut album T&C was released on Austin's Chicken Ranch Records in 2005. Their sound is 100% pure rock and roll with hard edges and no frills, mixed with elements of punk, garage and indie.


The Clutters - Crack Your Heart
The Clutters - Rock and Roll
The Clutters - Busted Dreams/Broken Heart

The Clutters on Myspace

Official Site

T&C at Emusic


Rich said...

These guys are great. Doug also told me that that's exactly where they got their name -- good detective work! I'd even seen Capote and didn't pick up on that. Heh.

Mr. Curiosity said...

Haha, thanks. I was wondering if that's where the inspiration came from.