Friday, July 21, 2006

Say hello to The Hentchmen

Sometimes I will buy a handful of albums all at once, usually more than one handful, and then never get around to listening to some of them for weeks, months, and even years. I think the reason I neglect to immediately listen to a lot of the music I purchase or download is that invariably I will fall in love with a specific band or genre, and I won't focus on anything else until I totally absorb and digest whatever band/album/genre I am focused on. One such album that I did this with was Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit, which I purchased after hearing about it from a White Stripes biography, and didn't get around to listening to until a few years later. Sympathetic Sounds, which was produced by Jack White, is a compilation of Detroit rock bands, all of whom share a similar distinctive Detroit-Blues-Garage-Alternative sound.

Back on topic. The Hentchmen. I heard this Detroit trio for the first time on Sympathetic Sounds, and then purchased their most recent album, 2004's Form Follows Function, and it has been in rotation ever since.

According to my investigatory journalism, The Hentchmen have been playing together since 1992, and have released 7 albums in that time on Norton/Times Beach. Their sound is a melding of garage rock, with a touch of surf and a sprinkle of pop.

The Hentchmen - Waterer Down (Form Follows Function at
The Hentchmen - Anywhere (Form Follows Function at
The Hentchmen - Accusatory (Sympathetic Sounds at

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