Monday, August 21, 2006

Matson Jones, two unreleased tracks

Here are two unreleased live tracks from Maston Jones, recorded live on June 15, 2005 at KKFI's production studio. KKFI, Kansas City Community Radio is a nearly all volunteer station that gets nearly all of their financial support from their listners. The two songs below were featured on The Red Wheelbarrow, which is heard Friday nights on KKFI from 9 to 11. You can listen to KKFI any time you like via their internet streaming audio at Special thanks goes to Kent Downing who hosts and produces The Red Wheelbarrow, for graciously providing me with these live songs.

Matson Jones - Springtime (Will Be Mine)*
Matson Jones - Loving Wife/Adoring Mistress

* Unsure of official track title.


marta said...

I totally took that picture!!!

Mr. Curiosity said...


I wasn't sure who to give credit to. Feel free to add your info, name/website/etc.