Thursday, September 21, 2006

Goldenboy, Underneath The Radio

Underneath The Radio, the sophomore album from Southern California's Goldenboy is set to hit the shelves on October 3rd. Goldenboy is Shon Sullivan (vocals, guitar, keys) and childhood friend and musical co-conspirator Bryan Bos (drums and backing vocals). This duo, who are on Eenie Meenie records, create a blend of music that falls somewhere on the indie spectrum between folk and pop.

Goldenboy's approach to music is minimalistic, but while listening to their work you really don't notice the lack of all of the extra musical bells and whistles. For instance on the track "Second Day Of The Year," Shon Sullivan's constant, rythmic guitar strum is complemented perfectly by soft horns and an added layer of floating keys that hover above the sound of the guitar and wander in and out throughout the track. I find it physically impossible to refrain from whistling along with this song every time I hear it.

Listen: "Second Day Of The Year"

On other tracks from Underneath The Radio such as "Summer of the Evening," Sullivan and Bos use dual guitars, the acoustic perfectly complimenting the electric without either overpowering the other.
These two elements combined with the soft vocals and minimal yet persistent snare and cymbal work to create a truly classic pop song. This is the type of track you put on the headphones and all at once forget that you're listening to it, and then when the song ends it suddenly leaves you wishing the track were five minutes longer and wanting to hear more.

Listen: "Summer of the Evening"

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