Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It came from the UK, Vol. 4

Here are ten more popular tracks from artists in the UK. Please click on the artist image for more useful information and media.

Elle Milano - Katsuki' Remix

Little Man Tate - What What You Got (Live)

Good Shoes - Questions And Answers

New Young Pony Club - Ice Cream

MUSE - Uno (Live on KCRW)

TEST ICICLES - Circle Square Triangle

Milburn - Lipstick Licking

747s - Night & Day

The Dodgems - Into the rain

The Bluetones - S. Thoresby

Want to hear more from the UK?

Vol. 3
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Nilina said...

Wow! A song I hadn't heard by Good Shoes.

Jusy said...

Although Katsuki isn't one of their best songs, I'm a huge Elle Milano fan, and I'm so glad they're finally gaining some popularity. :)