Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ratatat and Envelopes, Live at Emo's

I made my way down to Emo's on Thursday night for the Ratatat/Envelopes/Panther show. Tickets for this show were only $12.50, which made me feel like I was ripping someone off. I would have been happy to pay two or three times that amount for what I witnessed.

Envelopes, all the way from Malmö, Sweden, put on a pleasant set and warmed up the stage for Ratatat. I was mostly unfamiliar with this band before the show, I only recognized their name from seeing it on various blogs. I enjoyed their set, and stopped by Waterloo Records yesterday to pick up their debut album Demon. Envelopes are a great live band and each of the members are all very talented, I'd recommend that you see them live if you get a chance. Here are a few pictures from their performance, and there's a song down below if you're interested to hear their sound.

mp3: "It Is The Law"

After Envelopes finished up Ratatat hit the stage and absolutely ripped Emo's apart. I knew that Ratatat would be great live, but they were even better than I expected. The way these two musicians compliment each other both live and in the studio is fantastic, they are like two puzzle pieces that align together perfectly. They played almost non-stop for their entire set as they tore through most of the songs off of their most recent, aptly-named album Classics, as well as many songs from their self-titled 2004 release. "El Pico" sounded especially good live.

mp3: "El Pico"

If you live near any of the remaining stops on this tour try and make it out to the show. You won't be disappointed.

Sep 30, New Orleans LA
Oct 2, Atlanta GA
Oct 3, Chapel Hill NC
Oct 4, Washington DC
Oct 5, Philadelphia PA
Oct 6, Brooklyn NY
Oct 7, New York City

Ratatat official:

Envelopes official: