Sunday, October 15, 2006

Here and there...

Things have been busy in my little corner of the world lately, and there will be a few noticable changes happening at Covert Curiosity over the next few weeks. I'm redesigning and upgrading the entire site, going through a new setup with my file-hosting service that will hopefully make previews and downloads a little more reliable, putting together a MySpace page that should be complete soon, and adding a few other tweaks just to make everything more user-friendly. Stay tuned...

In the meanwhile I have a few more local bands for you to check out that I have been digging on recently.

The Lemurs

A close friend was driving along and heard The Lemurs on the radio and called me and said that I should check them out. So I headed over to The Lemurs on MySpace, listened to a few tracks and then felt inclined to spread the good word right here. This five-piece has just had a CD release party for their new self-titled disc, and I bet if you catch one of their upcoming shows you could pick it up for a small fee.

The Lemurs

mp3: "Berlin"
mp3: "Breaking You Down"


The Politics

The Politics is new local band that formed in February 2006 and is comprised of brothers Patrick (guitar,vox) and Steven Gonzalez (drums), and Andrew Campbell on bass. This trio of Texans has so far released a three-track EP titled About A Liar and are currenly in the studio recording their next disc which is set to be released this December, with their first music video precipitating that in November. Their website will be up and running within the year, and for the moment you can visit The Politics on MySpace to view upcoming tour dates and other useful info.

mp3: "Theif"
mp3: "Deadweight Media"


The Lovely Sparrows

The Lovely Sparrows was formed in 2005 by singer/songwriter Shawn Jones and longtime friend and collaborator Jason Cooper and have since released two EP's. The first, self-released Take Your Hats Off, You Godless Bastards came in February of this year, and most recently Pulling Up Floors, Pouring on (New) Paint was released on October 10th on Abandoned Love Records.

From a recent press release: "The Lovely Sparrows blend lush, complex arrangements with sing-along choruses that bring to mind glorious folk-inflected pop and well-written novellas."

mp3: "Chemicals Change"
mp3: "I Have A Need You See"