Friday, October 06, 2006

Hungry for Italian?

I am unable to offer you any Italian food, but feel free to feast on the mix of songs from Italian artists that I have compiled below. You can check each of them out individually, or if you're into instant gratification you can download the mix as a .Zip file here. Thanks to for bringing some of these artists to my attention.

Carnifull Triomp3:Song for Guido
Scuola Furanomp3:GFunk 3000
Fake Pmp3:QWERTY
Fare Soldimp3:Oratorio Faster
Yuppie Flump3:Our Nature
FR Luzzimp3:Human Race
Father Murphymp3:We Know Who Our Enemies Are
Jennifer Gentlemp3:I Do Dream You
Canadiansmp3:A Long Lethargy


For a taste of local flavor, click the image below to check out Gorilla VS Bear's Austin Mixtape.