Wednesday, October 11, 2006

On the shelves...

Things to consider during your next stop at the record store...

Youth Group
Casino Twilight Dogs

mp3: "Let It Go"
mp3: "Catching & Killing"

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Albert Hammond, Jr.
Yours To Keep

mp3: "Holiday"
mp3: "Back To The 101"

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Be He Me

mp3: "The Bull and the Goat"
mp3: "Bleary Eyed"

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Junior Boys
So This Is Goodbye

mp3: "Count Souvenirs"
mp3: "In The Morning"

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The Be Good Tanyas
Hello Love

mp3: "Ootischenia"
mp3: "When Doves Cry"

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Body Riddle

mp3: "Night Knuckles"
mp3: "Vengeance Drools"

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Anonymous said...

I haven't come to a conclusion yet on the Annuals album. I like it, but I think that it is (and will only get more) overrated. I haven't been listening as often as I have to Beast Moans. That album kicks ass and then some.

Mr. Curiosity said...

I've only gotten halfway through Beast Moans, but so far I'm un-sold. I agree that Be He Me has been over pretty over-hyped.

Anonymous said...

i love junior boys right now. they are so depeche mode-y i can't get enough!