Monday, October 02, 2006

Spoon, Live at Emo's

Spoon recently took a short break from their busy schedule to play two shows in their home-state at the White Rabbit in San Antonio and at Emo's in Austin, respectively. Calling it a "busy schedule" may be a bit of an understatement considering the following:

- Spoon is currently in the studio at work on their new album, which is said to be "largely about mid-century modernity, busting off, and world politics."

- Spoon lead singer Britt Daniel, who relocated to Portland some time ago, is currently hard at work on a solo album that will be released sometime in the future. On top of that he recently collaborated with Lost in Translation soundtrack contributor Brian Reitzell to provide the musical score for the upcoming motion picture Stranger Than Fiction, which stars Will Ferrell and was directed by Marc Forster, whose previous films include Monster's Ball and Finding Neverland. Daniel provided original instrumental tracks as well as previously released Spoon recordings. View the film trailer

- Britt Daniel also performed a short session at the AOL Interface studio, and you can download and read all about it by clicking here.

Below are selected songs from Spoon's live set at Emo's on Saturday, September 30th.


My Mathematical Mind
Someone Something
The Beast and Dragon, Adored
The Delicate Place
Don't Make Me a Target (New song)
Anything You Want
Rhythm and Soul (New song)
I Summon You
The Way We Get By
Me And The Bean
The Fitted Shirt
Sister Jack


Brothers and Sisters helped open the show for Spoon, and their self-titled debut album is in stores now. This eight member Austin-based group is fronted by real-life brother and sister Will and Lily Courtney, and this album has a good mixture of folk rock, indie and pop influences. You can hear two tracks from this disc below.

See tour dates and other useful info for Brothers and Sisters at MySpace.

mp3: Lost and Found
mp3: One Night


topomodesto said...

sweet! now i don't have to be in the dark about their new stuff just because i don't live down there. thanks.

Mr. Curiosity said...

My pleasure