Saturday, December 30, 2006

Do Make Say Think set to release new album

The superb Canadian instrumental post-rock band Do Make Say Think will be releasing their fifth studio album on the Montreal record label Constellation Records in February of 2007, but I couldn't wait until then to gush about it. It's not too early to give out the prize for best album of 2007 is it? Perhaps that's a bit premature, but after listening to You, You're A History In Rust I would like to at least give it an early nomination for said prize.

Is there just something in the water up in Canada? For a long time the only music they could boast about was Bryan Adams and Celine Dion, and now every time I turn around there's a new fantastic record coming out of the great white north. Below is the tracklist for one of these fantastic new records, iTunes style.

Notice how they all have stars next to them? When I preview an album via my computer and iTunes I always make sure to place a star next to songs that I enjoy more than others, which are the tracks I usually end up blogging about. As you can tell You, You're A History In Rust received high marks, and I had to spend a bit of thought choosing which one to include here. I had decided on "You, You’re Awesome," but since GvB had it covered (along with other valuable tidbits,) I went with the album's third track, "The Universe!" The album hits shelves across the pond on February 12, and on February 26 in the US.

Do Make Say Think - The Universe!

Do Make Say Think will be touring the universe (much of it) in 2007 after the release of You, You're A History In Rust. Complete details to be announced soon. Stay informed on everything at the following sites:

Constellation Records
Southern Records
MySpace (Fansite)