Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Backups are a novel idea...

If you're a frequent visitor of Covert Curiosity you've noticed that I've returned to using the original site where everything started to begin with. Shortly before the New Year all of my data was lost and never to be heard from again, which I'm still sort of coming to terms with. This debacle was pretty much the last straw that led me to ditch the third party and return to the old digs, which I'll probably be doing some tinkering with. Just thought I'd let some of you know what's up.

One of the things I put together just before dissappearing data debacle was some of my favorite songs that came out of Austin this past year, so I'm reintroducing each of those tracks individually in hopes of further spreading the word about just a handful of the great artists local to Austin. I freshened this list up by two songs to try and avoid overkill...

White Denim - shakeshakeshake

The Early Tapes - Betty and Thomas

Tacks, The Boy Disaster - Forget-Me-Not

Voxtrot - Trouble

Peter and the Wolf - Safe Travels

The Channel - The Man I Don't Remember

Oh No! Oh My! - I Love You All The Time

Sparrow House - When I Am Gone

The Lovely Sparrows - Chemicals Change

The Lemurs - Hello

Brothers & Sisters - Lost & Found

The Octopus Project/BMSR - Psychic Swelling

For good measure here's two tracks from Austin's own Clap!Clap!, they're definitely a group to keep an eye on. Word on the street is their debut album will be out soon...

Clap!Clap! - Talk Shop Remix
Clap!Clap! - New Workout Plan

Learn more about Clap!Clap! at Austin Sound, and if you're local you can see 'em perform on January 20th at Independence Brewery for $5 and get complimentary beverages! Yes, complimentary beverages. I recommend the Bootlegger Brown Ale, it's super bueno.