Friday, January 19, 2007

Curious about Elf Power

Being an avid fan of the The Elephant Six Collective since the first time I laid ears on In the Aeroplane Over the Sea some years ago, I have been conscious of the psychedelic indie rock band Elf Power for about the same length of time. Elf Power consists of guitarist/vocalist Andrew Rieger, keyboardist Laura Carter, guitarist Jimmy Hughes, bassist Derek Almstead, violinist John Fernandes, cellist Heather McIntosh, and drummer Josh Lott. The band, originally from Athens, Georgia (as most artists associated with E6 were), have released numerous albums and singles since they started recording together back in 1994. Elf Power's most recent album titled Back To The Web was released in 2006 on Rykodisc. In 2006 they also self-released what quickly has become perhaps my favorite Elf Power output, Treasures From the Trash Heap, a tour-only collection of unreleased demos, live songs, and cover versions of songs by bands such as R.E.M., Olivia Tremor Control, and the Byrds.

Many of Elf Power's albums have featured contributions from members of other Elephant Six bands, with members of The Olivia Tremor Control, Kevin Barnes from Of Montreal, and Jeff Mangum from Neutral Milk Hotel lending a hand on When The Red King Comes and A Dream in Sound, with the latter being produced by Dave Fridmann, who has also worked with The Flaming Lips and most recently Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Later in 2002 Elf Power released Creatures as well as their sixth full length album titled Nothing's Going to Happen, which is a combination of previously unrecorded cover songs as well as a reissue of their EP Come On.

If you'd be interested to further familiarize yourself with Elf Power, you can do so by checking out a few tracks I've selected from various Elf Power releases below. First, have a look at their music video for the song "All The World Is Waiting," from 2006's Back To The Web.

Selected tracks:

From Treasures From the Trash Heap
Elf Power - Hole In My Shoe (Demo)

From A Dream In Sound
Elf Power - Will My Feet Still Carry Me Home

From Back To The Web
Elf Power - All The World Is Waiting

From When The Red King Comes
Elf Power - It's Been A Million Years

From Walking With The Beggar Boys
Elf Power - Don't Let it Be

You can purchase these titles via Elf Power's official website as well as at eMusic, and get friendly with the band on MySpace.

*Also, the ever-impressive Daytrotter has two great Elf Power features at, an interview with the band as well as four free songs. Be sure to check that out!