Sunday, January 21, 2007

I wasn't cool at the age of 10

No, I wasn't cool at the age of 10. I was probably still eating dirt and trying to figure out how to tie my shoes. I didn't really ponder my youthful un-coolness until recently when I came across two groups of youngsters aged 10-12 who have started bands and are not only making their own original music but also taking their show on tour.

The first is The Jack Bambis, a blues/rock quartet whose ages combined adds up to forty-nine. Lia Avraham handles the vocals and Indio Falconer-Downey plays guitar, while Jasper McMahon and Cash provide bass and drums, respectively. The Smoking Section says: "The S.S. infiltrated their first rehearsal of the year, and were dazzled by their supernatural jamability. A la Jeff Beck, Indio plays the electric blues sans pick. Jasper is the next John Entwistle, Lia channels Patti Smith, and Cash, who honed his chops at Flea’s L.A. conservatory, is a heartbreaker in the making."

The second is Brooklyn-based Tiny Masters of Today, a garage rock duo comprised of twelve year old Ivan and his ten year old sister Ada. These two have already released a couple of 7" singles and have been receiving good press from Artrocker to Newsweek and others inbetween. They are scheduled to open for fellow New Yorkers Clap Your Hands Say Yeah in a few days, and will be perfoming at SXSW in March before touring the UK in April. Not too shabby for a ten and twelve year-old.

Tiny Masters of Today - Stickin' It to the Man
Tiny Masters of Today - Pictures