Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More on RJD2..

RJD2's actual name is Ramble John Krohn, and up until recently he had been associated with the New York City independent hip hop record label Definitive Juxtaposition (also known as Def Jux.) His new album takes another veer in terms of style and he will be releasing it under a new label in XL Recordings, home to artists such as Basement Jaxx, Dizzee Rascal and Ratatat. I say 'another veer' because as I am listening through a few of his albums I notice not-so-subtle differences in their respective structures. Some lean heavily towards the hip hop side of the equation, and others such as 2004's Since We Last Spoke are more focused on the samples and somewhat experimental electronics. The DJ says that he approached some of the material on that album like an art project. Hear a track from it below...

RJD2 - 1976

RJD2 also lent a hand to one of the many remixes and reworks of Jay-Z's "The Black Album," with his effort (along with a few other contributors) being dubbed "The Silver Album."

RJD2 - 99 Problems/Divrese - "Explosive"
RJD2 - Dirt Off Your Shoulder/EL-P - "Lazerface Remix"
RJD2 - Moment Of Clarity/Soul Position "Inhale"

The third one there is mixed with a track titled "Inhale" from one of many RJD2 collaborations, this one being a joint effort along with the rapper/producer Blueprint dubbed Soul Position. The original track is from the 2003 album 8 Million Stories, and it sounds a lot like something fans of The Roots might enjoy.

Soul Position - Inhale


Speaking of The Roots, they will bring their fantastic live performance back to Austin on February 20th at Stubb's. Their show at Stubb's last year was one of the best gigs I saw in 2006, so odds are this one coming up will be pretty great as well. Tix and info are here.