Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Showdown with an Asteroid

While checking out various main-stream media outlets yesterday I heard that we’re all going to be blown up or drowned by a terrible 20-million-ton asteroid. They all said that it will definitely maybe happen, with a 1 in 45,000 chance of striking Earth on April 13, 2036. They've named the big solar rock Apophis, which is also the Greek name for the demon monster god of Ancient Egypt. But, that's not even the fun part.

A group of astronauts, engineers and scientists yesterday said that the United Nations should assume responsibility for a space mission to deflect this huge demon monster rock that may-or-may-not threaten the planet 29 years from now.

Quoted: The favoured approach to dealing with a potentially deadly space rock is to dispatch a spacecraft that would use gravity to alter the asteroid's course so it no longer threatens Earth, said a veteran of the International Space Station.

The so-called Gravity Tractor could maintain a position near the threatening asteroid, exerting a gentle tug that, over time, would deflect the asteroid. An asteroid the size of Apophis, which is about 460 feet long, would take about 12 days of gravity-tugging.

Well, that sounds exciting! It would at least make the suspenseful build-up worth it to see if the U.N. can save the world, not to mention that I'd love to see what a gravity spacecraft looks like on whatever High Definition televisions they have in the future.

They were obviously working double-time over at CNN, because not only did they cover the asteroid threat that has been regularly downgraded since the first big scare in 2004, but they also used resources to prepare Paula Zahn's prime time special for tonight: "Hip-hop: Art or Poison?"

What? You weren't aware that Paula Zahn was an authority on hip-hop? Well, she is. Obviously.
Here's a playlist for Apophis and Paula Zahn.

1. Gorillaz - "Rock the House" (feat. Del tha Funkee Homosapien) from Gorillaz
2. Blackalicious - "Rock the Spot" from AG2
3. The Roots - "Rock You" from Phrenology
4. De La Soul - "Rock Co. Cane Flow" (feat. MF Doom) from The Grind Date
5. A Tribe Called Quest - "Rock Rock Y'all" from The Love Movement
6. Young Jeezy - "Rock Song"
7. Method Man & Red Man - "Da Rockwilder" from Blackout!
8. Poor Righteous Teachers - "Rock dis Funky Joint" from Holy Intellect
9. LL Cool J - "Rock The Bells" from Radio
10. Run DMC - "King of Rock" from Greatest Hits

Honorable mention:
MC Lyte - "Cold Rock A Party (Remix)" from The Very Best of MC Lyte


Musette said...

Excellent list.

I would have added only:
Mos Def, Rock n Roll.

Anonymous said...


You have to include
"Cool Breeze on the Rocks" from
3 feet high & rising - de la soul

It includes samples from several of those songs...

Mr. Curiosity said...


You guys are good at this. I had a little trouble trying to think of very many more tracks that would fit the mold.