Sunday, February 25, 2007

Commercial break...

Wes Anderson's American Express commerial: "My Life, My Card"

I used music from many of his films for this thing. Any of you classical music heads out there know what selection is featured in this ad?

*Update* - Thanks to a knowledgeable visitor, I have found the piece of music that was used.

Georges Delerue - "Grand Choral" from Day for Night.

"Can I get my snack?"

Geico caveman at the airport. I laugh, out loud, every single time I see it.

The music in that ad is "Remind Me" by the Norwegian electronic duo Royksopp. That song and a remix they supplied for Beck's Guero in 2005, below.

Royksopp - "Remind Me"
Royksopp - "Still Missing (Remix)"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Geico commercial song. Here is some help with the Wes Anderson commercial:

I know it is from the movie Day for Night by Truffaut. I am also pretty sure the composer is Georges Delerue. The piece of music is "choral" or something. Hope that helps.

Mr. Curiosity said...

Anonymous, you. are. awesome.

It is indeed a Georges Delerue work, titled "Grand Choral" and featured in La Nuit Americaine (Day for Night). I'll add that song to this entry, thanks!

invisible said...
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