Saturday, February 03, 2007

Here comes Electrelane

This track knocks my socks off.

Electrelane - Five

In fact the whole album kind of knocks my sock droor out the window. The album is No Shouts, No Calls, and it will be Brighton quartet's fourth full length. Here's a quick bit of info from the band's Wiki:

"Electrelane began writing material for their fourth album in Berlin's Planet Roc studios in the summer of 2006. In September and October 2006 they were in Benton Harbor recording and mixing their album. In November of 2006, the band announced on their official website that they had finished recording and had titled their album No Shouts, No Calls. The album is due to be released in early April 2007 in Japan, early May 2007 in the USA and late April 2007 elsewhere. It will have eleven tracks, the first of which is titled 'The Greater Times' and the last of which is titled 'The Lighthouse'. They are currently organizing a UK tour in support of the new album."

No Shouts, No Calls tracklist:

1. The Greater Times
2. To The East
(DoH gots it)
3. After The Call
4. Tram 21
5. In Berlin
6. At Sea
7. Between The Wolf And The Dog
8. Saturday
9. Five
10. Cut And Run
11. The Lighthouse

On the strength of this album, I expect we'll be hearing about Electrelane quite a bit in 2007. I hope that once SXSW finally releases the band list for this year's festival these four ladies will be included, and if not then the sooner the better. If you like what your hear head to Electrelane on MySpace to listen to some more, and check out their official site.