Wednesday, February 07, 2007

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The Berg Sans Nipple present a dazzling amalgam of dreamy electronica, percussion-heavy afro-beats, layers of feedback, pop melodies and dub blankets on Along the Quai, their first "proper" North American release and Team Love's most ambitious release to date. The disparate nature of their backgrounds (Nebraskan Shane Aspegren and Parisian Lori Sean Berg) mimics that broad array of influences while the duo’s natural sound lends support to the rumor that they are actually Siamese Twins separated at birth. After putting together a series of EPs with contributions from Maria Taylor, Mike Mogis and members of Do Make Say Think, the pair set out last year with producer Antoine Gaillet (NTM, M83) to mold the sound that became Along the Quai. Having toured extensively through Europe, they now arrive at your doorstep prepared to wow the masses with their unique brand of vocally tinged electronica.

The Berg Sans Nipple - Along the Quai
The Berg Sans Nipple - Mystic Song

Postscripts - The Day After Tomorrow (Self-Released)

This recording was created with a single microphone and laptop- a testament to the possibilities of the new recording age. It uses both analog and digital instruments; traditional sounds mixed with electronic noises to create a record of cyclical ambient beauty sprinkled with catchy hooks and undeniable but subtle electro-pop. Influenced by the climate and topography of America's Pacific Northwest, Day After Tommorrow proves an ideal vehicle to explore surreal and varied sonic landscapes. Throw on your headphones and settle in to your favorite chair- this record is one to experience.

Postscripts - Untitled #2
Postscripts - This Is

Be The RIOTTT! Captured: Online Music Festival is a unique online music event spanning nine weeks and featuring live concert footage from a diverse set of cutting-edge indie rock and hip-hop acts. The high quality streaming videos were filmed in November 2006 at the Be The Riottt festival in San Francisco. See below for a complete schedule of upcoming and currently available sets from artists such as: The Rapture, Explosions In The Sky, Girl Talk, Metric, Clipse, Deerhoof, Xiu Xiu and more.

It all went down at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in beautiful San Francisco on November 11, 2006. If you missed this incredible show you can still experience it by clicking to