Friday, February 23, 2007

Say hello to Thrushes

Thrushes is a Baltimore-based quartet composed of Anna Conner (vocals, guitar) Casey Harvey (guitars, vocals) Rachel Tracy (bass) and Matt Davis (percussion.) Their debut album is titled Sun Come Undone, and it will be distributed worldwide via Morphius Records on March 13th. On their do-it-yourself debut Casey Harvey supplies reverberated guitar that acts as a perfect countering force to the delicate touch of Anna Conner's lead vocals, as they bridge the gap between beauty and fury.

The basic structure of the music is simplistic, but as the individual elements combine and interact the songs begin to take on multiple forms. The guitars echo and rise into a wave of noise, a beautiful vocal range blends in immediately below the surface, and these are both complemented and driven by precisely tamed bass and drum. For Thrushes, the beauty is in the details.

Below, hear two tracks from Thrushes. The shoegaze pop of "Aidan Quinn" provides the opening track, and "Roy" is a slow-builder that leans toward post-rock and helps bring about a thunderous ending to the record.

Sun Come Undone

March 13, 2007 (order)

Thrushes - "Aidan Quinn"

Thrushes - "Roy"

You can visit Thrushes at their official Site and MySpace.


merz said...

Thanks for the intro to Thrushes, like the sound!