Wednesday, February 21, 2007

SXSW Artist Spotlight: Black Lips

Black Lips may be barely legal (in more ways than one,) but they don't need no instructions to know how to rock. The 20-something quartet from Atlanta have just released a new album titled Los Valientes Del Mundo Nuevo, which was captured in the debaucherous mecca of Tijuana at one of their legendary live performances.

From Vice: The Black Lips are kings of the psychedelic garage rock underground. They started the band when they were 15 years old and spent the next seven years touring the world, booking themselves, playing for scraps. Underground parties, basement shows, outlaw festivals, the odd tour opening for Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and Be Your Own Pet, plus three classic albums, countless 7"s, a couple DVDs, and their own seminal garage rock label cemented their reputation. They're now 22 years old, grizzled veterans of the underground, and legends in the scene."

Orlando Weekly on the new album: "Every time the Lips threaten to devolve into total anarchy, a familiar track rings out and their professional side shines. The layered midtempo psychedelia of “Everybody’s Doing It” depends on awkward chord progressions that the guys hit just right, and the cohesion provides momentum for a rocking third act that less mature bands, high on Mexico’s anything-goes vibe, could never pull off."

Los Valientes Del Mundo Nuevo

Black Lips - "Stranger"
Black Lips - "Everybody's Doing It"

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Black Lips at SXSW:

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Casey said...

It sounds like the "black Lips" have certainly done the ...roadwork!
Thanks for the intro.

Mr. Curiosity said...

I'm thinking about taking bets on the odds that Black Lips finds a way to get banned from SXSW for life.