Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Aliens, Astronomy For Dogs

There is some weird, wild stuff going on with the forthcoming release from The Aliens, which is the Scottish band formed in 2005 consisting of ex-Beta Band members John Maclean (keys) and Robin Jones (drums) plus Gordon Anderson (lead vocals & guitar.) On March 19th the trio will release their full-length album titled Astronomy For Dogs via their own EMI imprint, Pet Rock Records.

From the Aliens official site: "Armed with a bottomless bag of psychedelically inclined rock and acid dipped electronics, The Aliens bring a freedom of spirit and a certainty of intent that immediately sets them out from the current crop of guitar slingers.

These Aliens have history - between them they have been behind some of the most enthralling British music of the last decade. John Maclean and Robin Jones where members of the Beta Band. Gordon Anderson was a founding Beta Band member who went on to record two albums under the Lone Pigeon moniker."

The music presented here is like a journey through outer space destined for some groovy planet in a far off galaxy of funk. It is definitely unlike anything the Beta Band ever produced. I'm still unsure if I should merely take this output with a huge grain of salt, or if I should don a silly hat, swallow some drugs and buy a flying car to take me wherever these guys have gone.

The Aliens - Astronomy For Dogs

1. Setting Sun (video)
2. Robot Man
3. I Am The Unknown
4. Tomorrow
5. Rox
6. Only Waiting
7. She Don't Love Me No More
8. Glover
9. Honest Again
10. The Happy Song (video)
11. Caravan

You can hear more of the new stuff at The Aliens MySpace, or put in a pre-order and more at their official site.