Friday, March 02, 2007

Drakkar Sauna

"Drakkar Sauna, two dudes from Lawrence, Kansas, very much belong to that Fugs school of weirdness. Almost every one of their songs consists of acoustic guitar, rattling percussion and some of the most gorgeous (in that weird Fugsy way) old-timey harmonies you'll ever hear. They sing about canoes and death and the Civil War and loose women — the sorts of things that matter to folks like you and me on a daily basis." - eMusic

"Instead of taking the easy coffee-shop route, Drakkar Sauna infuse their front-porch folk music with an absurd Captain Beefheart spin ... it's an extremely smart, hilarious, musical, and oblique combination for all you fans of The Fall that keep a couple of Elliot Smith singles under the mattress." - Portland Mercury

"The Kansas two-piece play sing-along folk with just a touch of traditional country and a firm sense of absurdity." - Urban Pollution

"Sounds good." - Me

Drakkar Sauna are Jeffrey A. Stolz and Wallace J. Cochran, and the duo’s third studio album is a masterful one on Marriage titled Jabraham Lincoln. You can hear a couple of tracks from it below.

"Decoy Schmecoy" is a three and a half minute harmonized romp that you should be seated to hear, because you just might want to tap both feet. And snap your fingers while you're at it, if you're really coordinated. Harmonium said "The rather simplistic lyrics of “Decoy Schmecoy”, which run “actually you have a nice body/actually you have a nice voice” recall the better pure-pop moments of the Gerbils, and the musical tone of the track follows suit."

"Abandon Love" is another one of those shout-a-long songs. "I wanna go to Monte Carlo, and kill myself with a silver gun, at the roulette wheel after I have won." "I want to be as tall as I am when I am really high, so I may reach the untold of heights." It's a pretty heavy track, and Paper Thin Walls has some thoughts about it.

Drakkar Sauna - "Decoy Schmecoy"
Drakkar Sauna - "Abandon Love" (9:05)


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