Saturday, March 24, 2007

Found songs

The first is a synth-pop-vocoder anthem for practicing some new dance steps, from Brooklyn's electronic son Wolfgang. Get more at myspace/wolfgangtherobot and Hypnote

Wolfgang - Master of the Music

Perhaps I was too quick to throw the word anthem out there before introducing this next track. It is a twelve minute quasi-pop electronic dittie that is only one of the standout tracks on Dan Deacon's forthcoming album Spiderman of the Rings. The first three minutes of "Wham City" start out with a chanting chorus and then the LCD Soundsystem-esque breakbeats kick in until the seven minute mark, followed by an abrupt stop-and-start with a sample of vocoder over snare drum before nicely segueing back into the original chant and riding the hyper electronic wave all the way until the end.

Dan was in Austin last week to showcase his work for SXSW, and you can read all about it over at Party Ends. Spiderman of the Rings is out on May 8 via Psych-o-Path Records.

Dan Deacon - "Wham City" (12:12)

Speaking of LCD Soundsystem, have you picked up a copy of Sound Of Silver yet? You should do that, it was officially released in the U.S. last week and sounds way better than the leaked version you might have heard. I'm still waiting for the vinyl to arrive at my doorstep. The track below is a remix and not featured on the album, just to avoid any confusion.

LCD Soundsystem - North American Scum (St.Laurent's Remix)

-- Slowing things down...

Below is just one of the many good songs on The Beggars Group - Spring Sampler 2007 that I snagged at SXSW. I just read that Elvis Perkins' "melancholy songs reflect the personal tragedy he's experienced over the years. His father died of AIDS in 1992, and his mother, a photographer, was on board a flight that was flown into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001." He will be in Austin on April 28 performing in support of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah at Stubb's.

Elvis Perkins - "While You Were Sleeping"

To end this entry on an even softer note, here is a track by an acoustic group from Glasgow who go by the name of Jo Mango. It sounds to me like they used a jack-in-the-box as an instrument on this song, or at least something that sounds very familiar to one. I found "My Lung" on the Clash Magazine - SXSW UK Invasion disc. Check PodBop to see their cool inventory of SXSW goodies, and if you're feeling left out in the cold you can even grab a SXSW swag bag at eBay.

Jo Mango - "My Lung"


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Spider man of the rings!

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