Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Good Shoes, Southern Studios Live

My time has been running very short lately (SXSW is coming,) but here is a little something for those of you who enjoy my coverage of music from the UK. A live set from Good Shoes, the British act from Morden who are signed to the indie label Brille Records. If my math is correct then I guess you'd call this indie-Brit-pop, if a label is necessary. This recording was made at London's Southern Studios, and it basically served as a demo that brought the four-piece to the attention of BBC Radio. Their debut album titled Think Before You Speak will be released soon, precipitated by the "Never Meant To Hurt You" single on March 12th. Info about all of this can be found by following the links listed at the bottom of this entry.

Good Shoes - Southern Studios Live (.Rar)
  1. In The City
  2. Never Meant To Hurt You
  3. Small Town Girl
  4. The Photos on My Wall
  5. We Are Not The Same
  6. All In My Head
  7. Blue Eyes
  8. Everybodies Talking
  9. May Lannoye
  10. Morden
  11. Nazanin
  12. Valleyboy -


Since we're on the topic of Brits and live recordings, here's a few live Arctic Monkeys cuts.

Arctic Monkeys - "Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts" (Live)
Arctic Monkeys - "Mardy Bum" (Live)
Arctic Monkeys - "When The Sun Goes Down" (Live)

I'm not exactly sure what language this site is in, but you can hear one of the new AM tracks that have surfaced here.



nóiway said...

The Modern Way is in Turkish and from Istanbul, Turkey. You can hear the new arctics single brianstorm from our blog. thanks!