Saturday, March 03, 2007

Let's Go Sailing

Late last night as the evening was winding down I started to flip through some of the CDs that came in the mail this week. After a hectic day I was really hoping to find something that would calm things down, something that wouldn't require me to think too deeply or need to focus on intently to understand. I spotted a particular CD by Let's Go Sailing, which I soon found out is a project based in Los Angeles headed by Shana Levy (previously of the band Irving.) I put the album on and said to myself "nice, this is exactly what I was looking for." Shana Levy makes beautiful and introspective pop music with the help of a few friends, and the debut album full of her heartfelt and painfully sweet songwriting is titled The Chaos In Order.

Let's Go Sailing might sound familiar to you if you like the Flaming Chris Chandler has been playing it as the house music after Flaming Lips shows while the album has been in various states of completion over the last few years....

In November of 2002, Shana Levy left indie pop outfit Irving to pursue Let's Go Sailing. She asked friends Tanya Haden, Nikki Monninger (Silversun Pickups), Brent Turner and Byron Reynolds to work on an album's worth of material and soon enough they began recording a demo with Chris Chandler (Flaming Lips/Modest Mouse/Elliott Smith) and Rod Cervera (The Rentals/Weezer). The recording process quickly gained momentum and, with the help of Chris and Jim Putnam (Radar Bros.), Shana decided to make a hi-fi record independently. With lots of tweaking and a little tlc from Ben Mumphrey (Frank Black), the record is finally finished.

You can preview a couple of tracks from the finished record below, and get it for $10 from the official site, or in a record store near you on March 27th.

Let's Go Sailing - "Sideways"
Let's Go Sailing - "It's As Clear"


sugar momma said...

some great lyrics on a few of the songs...

like it. :)