Saturday, March 03, 2007

Radical Face, Ghost

"This record started with a simple idea: What if houses had memories? What if, when we lived in them, our stories bled into the walls and became a part of the house? What if our ghosts were always going to haunt the places we’ve lived, along with everyone else who’s lived there? In comparison to the very song-oriented debut by Electric President, 24-year-old Ben Cooper’s alter ego (Radical Face) and second musical affair of the heart, Ghost, has become a songwriter-album. Or rather a song-writing album, the tracks as carefully arranged interiors, chamber folk, pocket symphonies, passionate melodies." - PopMatters

Playing every instrument himself (banjo, piano, drums etc.), Ben Cooper recorded everything on Ghost in his Jacksonville, FL studio over the course of a few months. I think it is marvelous. I'm pretty sure that I hear some Elliott Smith influences in there, only this time with plenty of tempo and handclaps. Have a listen...

Radical Face - Ghost (Morr Music)

01. Asleep on a Train (2:03)
02. Welcome Home, Son (4:47) *This comes via The Podbop Blog
03. Let the River In (5:18)
04. Glory (6:19)
05. The Strangest Things (4:28)
06. Wrapped in Piano Strings (3:45)
07. Along the Road (4:25)
08. Haunted (5:23)
09. Winter is Coming (4:23)
10. Sleepwalking (4:54)
11. Homesick (3:45)

Ghost is out on March 20th, and you can hear more of it here or at Morr. You can find Radical Face at the official site and at MySpace.