Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sister Vanilla is good..

After seeing Sister Vanilla mentioned on a number of good music sites recently I took the opportunity to hear for myself what people have been talking about. Sister Vanilla is a project of Linda Reid along with her brothers Jim and William, who were the dual songwriting force that led to The Jesus and Mary Chain becoming one of the most influential bands in alternative rock. Also involved in the production of Sister Vanilla's aptly-titled debut Little Pop Rock was fellow JAMC member Ben Lurie, and the material featured on the upcoming album has reportedly been in production in some form over a span of ten years.

To call this band a "Jesus and Mary Chain side-project" would not only be a misnomer but it would also steal the thunder from Linda Reid, whose warm and luscious vocals are the main focal point of Little Pop Rock. Nevermind the fact that the album features the first new work that brothers Jim and William have produced together since their falling out in 1998 and that the Jesus and Mary Chain have agreed to reunite to perform at Coachella, this is their sister Linda's time to shine. The music is fuzzed-out and feel-good pop that leans more toward rock than shoegaze, with inviting and catchy songwring that will get stuck in your head and provide the perfect soundtrack for a sunny day.

Via Chemikal Underground Records: "It is with barely concealed excitement that we can announce the release of ‘Little Pop Rock’ by Sister Vanilla in on April 2nd. Featuring ex-Jesus And Mary Chain luminaries Jim Reid, William Reid and Ben Lurie with Jim and William’s sister Linda on vocals, Sister Vanilla’s Little Pop Rock is an exhilaratingly fresh pop record which also serves as a timely reminder of just how essential the seminal group from East Kilbride actually were.

There can be no doubt that the song-writing on Little Pop Rock incorporates many elements that will be familiar to Mary Chain fans, but to focus solely on the input of the estranged Reid brothers would be a disservice to the vocals of their sister Linda. If the reconvening of Jim and William on the same album (since The Jesus And Mary Chain’s final offering Munki in 1998) is some cause for celebration, it’s the sheer strength of Little Pop Rock, the allure of Linda’s vocals and how angry, reflective and urgent the songs sound that should have you throwing an all-out street party."

Sister Vanilla - Little Pop Rock (purchase here, here)
  1. Pastel Blue
  2. Jamcolas
  3. Slacker
  4. Delicat
  5. Can't Stop The Rock
  6. Kissaround
  7. What Goes Around
  8. K To Be Lost
  9. Angel
  10. Down
  11. TOTP
  12. Two Of Us - Label Site - Linda Reid interview