Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sounds of SXSW

Free promotional stuff gets passed around at SXSW more than cigarettes in a prison. CDs, vinyls, stickers, buttons, posters, they're all available in handfuls. I even got a voodoo doll from Ryko complete with detailed instructions on how to use it. I was given a handful of albums over the week of SXSW that left a good impression on me, including these first two.

Scott Thorough of the New York hip hop outfit Nuclear Family hooked me up with Nuclear Family Presents: Nuk Fam & Other Amazing Sub-Projects of Nuk Fam (SXSW Edition), which has some really great tracks from their musical collective of artists.

Via SX: "Nuclear Family (Nuk Fam for short) is a musical collective of seven guys from New York who make hip hop music with a decidedly honest, down-to-earth approach. They cast aside tough-guy posturing and self-referential boringness in favor of tongue-in-cheek humor and humble personal expression.

The music has the aesthetic of early 90's boom-bap hip hop, but Nuk Fam has no interest in being sound preservationists or genre purists.Screw that. Their music and highly charged live performances often take turns towards places and ideas that are �un-hip-hop�. But by simply being themselves, Nuk Fam feels they are staying truer to the spirit of a music whose roots lie in innovation and rebelliousness."


Iller Than Theirs - "It Is What It Is (Featuring Cool Calm Pete)"
Iller Than Theirs - "Girl Song (Featuring Scott Thorough)"

Junk Science - "Do It Easy"
Junk Science - "House Wigger"

N.E.M.C. - "Cliche (Featuring Tone Tank)"

Nuclear Family has a cool site full of all sorts of interactive goodness at Check it out.

The WIRED CD - Ripped. Sampled. Mashed. Shared. is the result of the Fine Art of Sampling Contests held in early 2005 by Creative Commons. Contestants were challenged to sample or mash-up tracks from the original WIRED CD - Rip. Sample. Mash. Share., a groundbreaking album distributed in WIRED Magazine's November 2004 issue. All pertinent info on that one is found at The list of winners along with information for everything Ripped., which the following three tracks appear on, is found at

I knew I had something good as soon as I heard DANGEROUSE, and once I got down to Revolve I was hooked.


Ashwan Featuring Curious - "DANGEROUSE"

Vego Featuring DJ AKA - "My Fair Hiphop (Challenge Mix)"

Hisboyelroy - "Revolve"

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