Monday, March 26, 2007

What I know about Suicidal Birds

  • They are from the Netherlands.

  • Their debut album caused rave reviews in the Netherlands and UK.

  • Their second album Versus Life, is out now on the Dutch independent label Tocado Records.

  • They are two girls. Jessie on guitar, Chay on bass.

  • They rock.

Below are two songs from the new album Versus Life, and you can get the debut at eMusic. "No Nada" is the opening track and sets the tone for the rest of the album with a raging tempo. "Salt Sugar" builds for the first 1:12 and then goes ballistic with a four on the floor beat and frantic guitar riffs that any fan the blues/rock style popularized by the Stripes will immediately enjoy. Check out some Dutch garage-blues-punk rock with great guitar licks and pumping bass lines, both of which compliment the angry vocals and loads of distortion.

The Suicidal Birds - "No Nada"

The Suicidal Birds - "Salt Sugar"

Get Versus Life @ Tocado Records myspace/suicidalbirds