Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wilco, Sky Blue Sky

On May 15, 2007 Wilco will release their sixth studio album which has been titled Sky Blue Sky. It will be their first studio album since 2004's A Ghost Is Born, and their first release since 2005's Kicking Television. It will also be the first studio album to feature the touring lineup heard on Kicking Television.

The following tracklist for Sky Blue Sky was revealed last month at the official Wilco website, which reads:

"Direct from Gateway Mastering Studios in Portland, Maine... here's the tracklisting, as of now, for Sky Blue Sky - which those of you who pay attention to such things know is coming out on Nonesuch on May 15."

Wilco - Sky Blue Sky (Album Art)

1. "Either Way"
2. "You Are My Face" (Listen)
3. "Impossible Germany"
4. "Sky Blue Sky"
5. "Side with the Seeds"
6. "Shake it Off"
7. "Please Be Patient With Me"
8. "Hate it Here"
9. "Leave Me (Like You Found Me)"
10. "Walken" (Listen)
11. "What Light"
12. "On and On and On "

*Listening party

I think these new tracks sound pretty good, Jeff Tweedy and Co. seem to have discovered a way to alter their approach with each new release and still retain a firm grip on the same sound they've been mastering for years. These seem to be the type of songs you could listen to on repeat multiple times and never tire of.

Your thoughts?


Ryan of the RSL blog said...

A nice post. With each year I become more of a Wilco fan. It's kind of hard not to... Quality is what comes to mind. I will listen to these tonight. Good stuff

Adam said...

These two songs are mediocre at best. Tweedy's vocal performance on "Walken" is embarrassing and the songwriting is loose and sloppy. Ghost Is Born had its moments, but marked a general deterioration in songwriting and artistic judgment. Also Jeff Tweedy isn't nearly as good a guitarist as he thinks he is.

Anonymous said...

I like it, very easy on the ear drums.

Anonymous said...

Medicore ?? Walken is loose and sloppy, just fun wilco. The vocal delivery on you are my face is awesome then at 1:25 it just explodes . I am counting down to may . Wilco has delivered another stunning summer album

Anonymous said...

im in agreement with far it just sounds like a ghost is born vol. 2--the songs that didnt make the cut the first time around. maybe it'll grow on me, but i think they peaked at YHF.