Friday, April 20, 2007

Austinist interviews Hot Chip

Just in time to build some extra steam for the Hot Chip gig in Austin next week, the Austinist speaks with Hot Chip co-vocalist, songwriter, and synthesizer player Joe Goddard about everything from a new album to SXSW and the awesomeness of Whole Foods.

"Saturday evenings at SXSW are usually a disappointment. Everyone is tired, bands are weary, and lines seem to be at a peak. Last year, our Saturday was completely transformed when we attended Hot Chip's showcase at The Parish. Despite some equipment troubles, the band's mix of electronics, enthusiasm, and tough-guy lyrics had the crowd dancing and roaring approval to the point that the floor quaked. Since then, the group have won NME's single of the year for "Over And Over," been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize for their brilliant album The Warning, and come in at #3 on Austinist's Top Albums of 2006 poll."