Monday, April 09, 2007

Free The Robots

"There's a fine line with this kinda stuff: of course, nobody wants to hear a band stuck in the same style on every tune, but you also have to be wary of "too many cooks spoiling the broth." Free The Robots tread on that line like some tightrope performers, and they manage to pull off the trick on every track here, balancing breakbeats, psychedelia, hip hop and electronic elements like it's nothin'. From the smoked-out, spattering, Speak-N-Spell groove of "Listen To The Future" to the jazzy "Session Two," these guys show that they can even weave dialogue and non-traditional lyrics into their music. The title alone on "Yoga Fire" had us Street Fighter nerds trippin', but the music ain't too shabby either. Lastly, check the bouncy, swingin' "Jazzhole," and if you still aren't convinced, I guess this isn't your cuppa joe."

That's all fine and good, but what caught my ear was the computer animated start to the opening track "Listen To The Future," which then moves into a little jazz rhythym featuring xylophone and electric organ mixed with some Gorillaz-esque sampling. If that wasn't attention-grabbing enough, the following track "Diary" rolls in on an eerie jazz movement tangled with Pink Floyd-inspired vocal style, and of all things a recurring sample from The Geto Boys' "My Mind Playing Tricks On Me." Give it a spin...

From the EP

Free The Robots - "Listen To The Future"
Free The Robots - "Diary"

From Jazz & Milk Breaks Vol.I (get it @ eMusic)

Free The Robots - "Jazzhole"

You can hear more + order the EP via myspace/FreeTheRobots


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Robert said...

Damn nice stuff. I was just cruising Hype and thought "Free the Robots"... I wonder what they sound like? They sound awesome.

Thanks for introducing them to the whole wide world and me too.