Sunday, April 15, 2007

From Here We Go Sublime

I've never been under enough influences to enjoy trance music, and techo might as well not even exist as far as my tastes are concerned. But those two notions have recently been squashed somewhat, as I find myself going back again and again to listen to From Here We Go Sublime, the debut album from Axel Willner's most recent alias The Field, released April 3rd on Kompakt. Filed below are a handful of press snippets that I feel provide great descriptions of what this album is about...

"Muted euphoria." - Cyclic Defrost

"You don’t need to be on the shiniest new candy out of a backstreet East-Berlin illicit narcotics factory and on a sunlit dancefloor in a post-industrial decrepit techno hell-hole/heaven near Ostbahnhof at 10a.m. on a Sunday morning to be struck by it (although I’m guessing that’s gonna work preeety good too)." - In Fact Ah

"Mixing gauzy shoegaze, slippery ambient loops, and two-cheeks-on-the-floor bass drum bounce, the Field offers an idyllic work of startling novelty, and perhaps ‘techno’’s most widely appreciable offering in years." - Stylus Mag

"The debut release from Sweden's Axel Willner, it drifts somewhere between minimal dance music and repetitive ambience, with beats that clomp along fast enough to fuel movement, but with enough ethereal qualities that you could simply put it on and trip out on the couch with it easily enough as well." - Almost Cool

"That's at the heart of this album - dance music written with Indie kids in mind, a feel-good session that's forever looking for the next crescendo." - Boomkat

Also there is a decent review of From Here We Go Sublime at Pitchfork. Listen to a couple of samples below and follow the links for more.

The Field - "The Little Heart Beats So Fast"

The Field - "A Paw In My Face"

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