Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Heard of Blog Fresh Radio?

Blog Fresh Radio is a new cutting-edge radio program hosted by a lovely young lady named Alex who travels the blogosphere to uncover the best new music and talk to music bloggers in order to find out what they're listening to right now.

Each week there is a new hour-long radio show and podcast available for download at BlogFreshRadio.com that features interviews with different bloggers from around the globe, and each one chooses a track to highlight from artists that they have recently written about at their respective sites. Also available is the handy Blog Fresh Chart, which tracks the most talked-about artists on music blogs each week and informs you of where to get the freshest mp3s.

Covert Curiosity was featured on the April 2nd edition of the program, and you can hear that broadcast along with the other weekly editions that have been completed thus far by visiting Blog Fresh Radio.