Sunday, April 22, 2007

Peter and the Wolf does Daytrotter

The Tuesday of SXSW week I had the pleasure of loitering around the Daytrotter recording to watch a few local acts. One of those was Peter and the Wolf (Red Hunter,) who provided one of the finest recordings that I heard in 2006 with his album Lightness. The follow-up effort to that album is titled Sun Chasers, which I believe will be slated for a summer release. Red gave us a preview of the new album at the Daytrotter recording, performing a stripped-down version of "Where Summer Goes." You can hear that one below, and by heading over to you can download the rest of the recording and learn more about Peter and the Wolf.

Peter and the Wolf - "Where Summer Goes"

On the current Peter and the Wolf tour you can get your hands on a new EP titled Fireflies, which holds ten lo-fi tracks including "Race Around The Earth," which you can hear (and place an order for) at Peter and the Wolf on MySpace. Below is an mp3 from an earlier self-titled release that contains twelve original demos, which you can pick up at Insound.

Peter and the Wolf - "The Fall"

Tour dates:

Apr 23 2007: Cloak and Dagger House - Riverview, Michigan
Apr 24 2007: First Capital Dispensing Company - York, Pennsylvania
Apr 25 2007: TBA - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Apr 26 2007: Wesleyan University - Middletown, Connecticut
Apr 28 2007: TBA - New York, New York
Apr 30 2007: Rodrigue's at Fordham U - New York, New York
May 1 2007: Union Hall - Brooklyn, New York
May 2 2007: A/V Space - Rochester, New York
May 3 2007: The Spill - Peterborough, Ontario
May 4 2007: Over the Top fest - Toronto, Ontario
May 5 2007: Casa Burrito - Murfreesboro, Tennessee
May 6 2007: Knoxville/Atlanta TBA
May 7 2007: Birmingham or Nashville TBA
May 8 2007: The Bottletree - Birmingham, Alabama
May 9 2007: Memphis or Little Rock TBA
May 10 2007: Pontiac - Springdale, Arkansas
May 11 2007: Jackrabbit Lounge - Shreveport, Louisiana
May 12 2007: The Cavern - Dallas, Texas
May 13 2007: Hailey's - Denton, Texas