Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ratatat at Emo's, 4/6/07

Ratatat rocks my socks. I mean, seriously, these guys are friggin rediculous live. They must really enjoy performing in Austin too, their show last night at Emo's with Despot and 120 Days was Ratatat's third gig just over the past few months. Their gig at Emo's last September was really good, and then they came back and played a sort-of private show with The Faint at La Zona Rosa that was a bit lackluster. But their return to Emo's last night was a glorious one. The first sign of a good night to come was that they sold the place completely out, that didn't happen in September. I was thankful to have gone by Waterloo on Thursday to pick up my ticket, as a couple of my buddies were denied once they got down to the club in anticipation of just paying at the door.

Despot, an MC from Queens who is featured on the new Mixtape opened the show along with those Norwegians 120 Days. Despot was entertaining, but not anything extremely special. Mostly average beats with a decent flow. 120 Days were also just a bit so-so, except for one song they performed in the middle of the set that the lead singer announced was a world premiere. Whatever that song was called, it jammed. Think Ghostland Observatory meets LCD Soundsystem meets The Knife, somewhere in there.

As for Ratatat, they slayed. Rolling Stone called John Mayer a "guitar god." Meh. I'll take Mike Stroud any day of the week and twice on Sundays. The whole front of the stage, filled with those who had been at the venue since four hours earlier to stake their claim to prime viewing space, came alive as Ratatat tore through their hour-long set. At the end of the encore a few dozen concert goers jumped up on stage to give the guys a little help closing the show. Good times indeed. If things keep progressing the way they have been for Ratatat, then very soon Emo's will not large enough to hold them. I think a spot at the Austin Music Hall with a slightly upgraded light show would be pretty sweet.

Below is a live recording of last night's performance along with the setlist. I had trouble identifying the title of song #6, so if anyone could help me out with that one I would appreciate it.

Ratatat - Live at Emo's April 06, 2007 (59:26)
  1. Montanita
  2. Crips
  3. Lex
  4. Germany To Germany
  5. Loud Pipes
  6. Truman
  7. Nostrand
  8. Seventeen Years
  9. El Pico
  10. Wildcat
  11. Cherry
I'm an ass and didn't bring any extra batteries with me, so I guess if you want to hear the encore you'll have to find your way to one of the following stops on the Classics World Tour...

Apr 9 2007 Mercy Lounge - Nashville, Tennessee
Apr 10 2007 The Loft - Atlanta, Georgia
Apr 11 2007 The Social - Orlando, Florida
Apr 12 2007 Common Grounds - Gainesville, Florida
Apr 13 2007 Club Downunder (FSU) - Tallahasse, Florida
Apr 14 2007 Post - Miami, Florida
Apr 16 2007 Cat's Cradle - Carrboro, North Carolina
Apr 17 2007 9:30 Club - Washington D.C.
Apr 18 2007 Webster Hall - New York, New York
Apr 21 2007 Ambassador (w/ CSS) - Dublin
Apr 22 2007 Astoria (w/ CSS) - London
Apr 23 2007 Astoria (w/ CSS) - London
Apr 24 2007 ICA - London
Apr 25 2007 Triptych Festival - Edinburgh
Apr 26 2007 Triptych Festival - Glasgow
Apr 29 2007 Coachella - Indio, California

Ratatat had the Mixtape Vol. 2 cd on sale for the low low price $5, and they even had it on vinyl. I'm assuming you'll be able to order it via at some point, but for now you'll have to pick it up at a show. Here's a couple of tracks from that one...

Notorious B.I.G. - "Party & Bullshit" (Ratatat remix)
Memphis Bleek - "Alright" (Ratatat remix)


PAUL said...

Nice recording! Thanks for the Mixtape samples too, I can't wait to hear the rest of it.

Anonymous said...

Song number six was most likely Truman, a track released only on the Lex single. Mike plays some sort of middle eastern flute on it. They have played it at every show so far this tour to my knowledge.

Mr. Curiosity said...

That's the one.

Thanks Anon.

tunequest said...

Nice recording, thanks for it. Ratatat live is one of my favorite things. I saw them in Atlanta a couple nights ago and yeah, they pretty much tore it down.

Also, Truman is also available from the iTunes Store... if you buy all of Classics. It's a whole album bonus track there and is not available as a single. Boo.