Thursday, April 26, 2007

Shows 'n Shows

Local up-and-comers The Laughing opened the show for Harlem Shakes and Tapes 'n Tapes last weekend, and as I meandered through the large crowd a few times to grab beers from the bar I overheard people saying "hey, these guys are pretty good." I was in agreeance with those sentiments, as I finally had a chance to hear what people have been talking about. I had never heard of Harlem Shakes before, but they won the crowd over quickly with their indie pop tunes.

Tapes 'n Tapes came out and gave an even more impressive performance than their previous visit to Austin (@ Stubb's w/Cold War Kids,) and they played a few tracks that will be on their next album that were fantastic. Well, let's just say I think they would have been fantastic if the sound at Emo's wasn't nearly unbearable, as it too often is. I know you guys are making a little bit of money with that thing, why the hell can't you improve the sound output to a point where the music is even slightly audible? I realize that's a novel concept, but give it some thought.

The Laughing - "Tiger Cry" | .com
Harlem Shakes - "Sickos" | .com
Tapes 'n Tapes - "Cowbell" (The Black Eyes Remix) | .com

Last night Hot Chip rolled through town on their mini tour, playing for over an hour to an extremely receptive crowd at Antone's. They're hitting up Dallas tonight as they make their way west to play for about 100,000 people at Coachella. Hot Chip caused quite a scene down at Antone's, with dozens of people crowding around the front of the club, desperately scavenging for a ticket to the sold out show.

Toward the end of the set they brought out members of the opening act (Tussle) to lay down some extra percussion (and jumping jacks) on their "huge in 2006" single "Over and Over." Those five minutes alone were worth at least twice what you had to pay to get in the door. Women were weeping, men were spitting up blood, and I think I might have torn a ligament. It was a good show. I was able to chat with Joe Goddard (co-vocalist/songwriter/synthesizer) for a minute afterword and I asked him when we could expect to get a new Hot Chip album, and he said they have one in the can that could be released as early as September, assuming that their labels can pull the weight. Pull Astralwerks, pull.

Tussle - "I'm An Indian Too" | .com
Hot Chip - Live at Antone's (The Warning/Over and Over)


Road shows I'll probably be attending soon:
  • Tomorrow at Stubb's with the Riverboat Gamblers
Burden Brothers - "Rise and Fall" | .com

  • Tomorrow at Emo's with Evangelicals
Sunset Rubdown - "They Took A Vote And Said No" | .com

  • Saturday at Stubb's with Elvis Perkins
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - "Satan Said Dance" | .com

  • Next Wednesday at Stubb's with Annuals
Blonde Redhead - "23" | .com

Stephen & Damian Marley - click

  • Wednesday 5/09 at Stubb's with Snowden
Kings of Leon - "Wicker Chair" | .com


Brad aka Penguin said...

I'm gonna go ahead and come forward and say Emo's has shit sound as well...