Tuesday, April 17, 2007

SUPER!ALRIGHT! vs Tacks, The Boy Disaster

A few days ago I mentioned the Daytrotter Session by a great local band Tacks, The Boy Disaster and added in "Forgetmenot" from their 2006 EP. Today the local media collective SUPER!ALRIGHT! released a music video for that very same song, with different collective members lending their talents to 15-30 second sections of the production.

SUPER!ALRIGHT! is a growing collective of freelance visual media artists. It was founded on the desire to extend creative possibilities beyond the realm of any one individual. Although its members currently specialize in visual media such as commercial and music video, web design, graphic design, and photography, the collective's ongoing goal is to create an ever-broadening base of creatives working in all forms of media. We are a network of artists gathered under the belief that our greatest strength is the dynamism offered by the variety of creative capabilities we hold as group.

Check out the video below, and don't forget to visit SUPER!ALRIGHT! and Tacks, The Boy Disaster.