Sunday, April 01, 2007

This and That

Over the past week I've been creating a handful of mixes for podcasts and a few just for friends who are tiring of their own music collection and want to hear something new. I'll share two of them here now, and perhaps a few more later on this week or next.

This first one is 30 minutes of some really chilled-out stuff with slow moving tempos intended for a relaxing experience. The tempo increases gradually toward the end with Gorillaz and Booka Shade, but not so much as to throw off the calm of the other fine tracks that are included. The first half are all local artists, including one from the upcoming album (April 10) by Houston's Jana Hunter. Let it play in the background for a while and maybe you'll hear some stuff you like...

"Simmer Down" (30:34)
(alternate link)
  1. Sur La Mer - "Adagio"
  2. Explosions In The Sky - "Remember Me As A Time Of Day"
  3. Shearwater - "You're the Coliseum"
  4. Jana Hunter - "Movies"
  5. Peter and the Wolf - "Silent Movies"
  6. Feist - "Intuition"
  7. Four Tet - "My Angel Rocks Back and Forth"
  8. Hot Chip - "Won't Wash"
  9. Gorillaz - "Sound Check (Gravity)"
  10. Booka Shade - "In White Rooms"
  11. Ratatat - "Cherry"
If that first one is too slow for your taste here's another mix with ample beats per minute, filled with some (mostly) recent rock music that I have found interesting. I think I've only mentioned about half of these tracks previously, so most of it should be music you haven't heard before, at least not here. Radio Moscow will be perfoming in Austin on April 26 at the Mohawk, and White Denim's next gig is April 13 at Continental Club.

"Get Get Up" (23:48)
(alternate link)
  1. Radio Moscow - "Introduction"
  2. Clinic - "Hippy Death Suite"
  3. PowerSolo - "Baby, You Ain't Looking Right"
  4. Soledad Brothers - "Shaky Puddin'"
  5. White Denim - "Shake Shake Shake"
  6. The Detroit Cobras - "Right Around The Corner"
  7. The Walkmen - "Tenley Town"
  8. Suicidal Birds - "Salt Sugar"
  9. Eagles Of Death Metal - "Miss Alissa"
  10. VietNam - "Welcome To My Room"
  11. Guitar Wolf - "Koukousei Action"


Doug said...

Ah, very nice. Excellent mixes! Thanks.

Mr. Curiosity said...

Thanks for the feedback Doug. I did these live and still only have a loose grasp on the technical side of things, so needless to say they took a while for me to put together.

Learning as I go along...