Thursday, April 19, 2007

Trey Told 'Em

Earlier this week Gregg Gillis (Girl Talk) posted this quick message via the MySpace:

"I just started a new band for production, beat making, and remixes with a sick dude named Frank Musarra. Our band is called Trey Told 'Em, and we have our first remix available for download on myspace now...."

Their first remix is of Tokyo Police Club's first single "Cheer It On" done up with some spastic sampling and a dance-ready hook. You should probably be well familiar with Girl Talk by now, and Frank Musarra has been producing music under the name Hearts of Darknesses, putting out an album in 2004 titled Music For Drunk Driving that received a 4/5 from Tiny Mix Tapes. He has been described as one part composer, five parts spaz, and a dope emcee to boot. He once became so entangled in his mic cord during a performance that he fell and broke his collarbone.

I don't know if I'm really sold on their first output. I mean, I'm not really into Tokyo Police Club, and I've already heard Girl Talk use a couple of these samples before. But, I think this remix is starting to get under my skin...

Tokyo Police Club - "Cheer It On" (Trey Told' Em Remix)

Since we're on the subject of Girl Talk and a lot of you folks seemed to enjoy his live set from Seattle that I posted previously, here's a five minute clip of that show to get down on.

Girl Talk - Live in Seattle (5:08)