Monday, April 16, 2007

Villa Muse

In today's edition of the Dallas Morning News there is a piece written by Karen Brooks about a new development in Austin called Villa Muse, a planned $1.5 billion recording/film studio combined with a 70,000-seat outdoor amphitheater and the largest soundstage in North America.

"Developers intend to unveil the plans for the community today, and they envision a unique place where 8,500 residents will "live, work and be inspired." The entire development, known as Villa Muse, has a target date of completion in 2012. The studio's founder and chief executive officer Jay Aaron Podolnick – who founded Texas' first 24-track recording facility in the '70s in Austin – says Villa Muse Studios, combined with the amphitheater, will let huge acts record, set up for tours, mix, produce and then throw a big concert to pay for it all – in one place."

This place is going to be amazing.

Click here to visit and read the full article.


On another, completely unrelated note, the Italian psychedelic rock band Jennifer Gentle (that I first discovered last October while compiling this,) have a few tracks up at MySpace from their new album on Sub Pop Records titled A New Astronomy. The output is markedly different from their 2005 album Valende, from which the retro-pop single below is taken.

Jennifer Gentle - "I Do Dream You"

If you were curious, Jennifer Gentle take their name from the track "Lucifer Sam" on Pink Floyd's 1967 debut album The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. The song was written by a pre-completely-bonkers Syd Barrett and carries a reference to his then-girlfriend, Jenny Spires, referred to in the song as "Jennifer Gentle."

Pink Floyd - "Lucifer Sam"


Patrick said...

I'm sure it'll be cool, but it'll probably cost a bajillion dollars, just like every other swank development in Austin. That may have an adverse effect if they're hoping to have musicians, you know, actually live there.