Wednesday, May 16, 2007


This week I received a hefty shipment of tunes from a friend at CJSW 90.9 FM way up the road in Calgary. The cream of the crop is the debut album by an indie pop band from Toronto called The Bicycles. They write catchy pop tunes featuring multiple vocalists and some nice brass work via trumpet and trombone, at times with a sound reminiscent of early of Montreal/Elephant 6, other times they sound much like some of the popular indie pop coming out of Sweden.

Their debut The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly is a lengthy one at 17 tracks, but they come mostly in short, quick bursts with a handful of songs that don't reach the 2:00 mark. Check out three selections from the album below, and if you like what you hear simply follow the link.

The Bicycles - "B-B-Bicycles"
The Bicycles - "Australia"
The Bicycles - "Two Girls From Montreal"


To round out the bicycle theme, here are a couple of demo tracks from a London-based trio of teenagers called Bombay Bicycle Club who have just released their debut EP. If I'm not mistaken, I believe I have featured the BBC once before on one of the It Came From The U.K. entries. I'll have a new one of those either this weekend or early next week.

Bombay Bicycle Club - "Open House"
Bombay Bicycle Club - "How Are You"


The Decemberists self-released a debut EP in 2001 called 5 Songs, though the disc contained 6 tracks. The extra track is called "Apology Song," which was added to the album when it was re-released in 2003. Via Wiki: "The misleading title is due to the fact that the final track, "Apology Song" (originally sung into the answering machine of a friend named Steven as a legitimate apology for the loss of a beloved bicycle named Madeline), was written after the original self-produced CD was released. Lead singer Colin Meloy liked it so much that it was added to the album when it was re-released by Hush Records in 2003.

The track, "Apology Song" contains several references to the town of Missoula, Montana. The "Orange Street Food Farm" is a local grocery store popular with University of Montana students (mostly for buying beer). The "Frenchtown Pond" is a reference to Frenchtown Pond State Park located in Frenchtown which is approximately 15 miles northwest of Missoula. The bicycle has since been found."

Colin Meloy - "Apology Song"


Ian LeClair said...

Great post! I really liked all of these songs.

One of my top neighbours on is a Bicycles fan, and I'd been meaning to find some of their stuff, so thanks especially for posting them.

Dan b said...

I just wanted to say hi from Calgary. Very cool to see my beloved CJSW on one of the music sites I respect the most. peace.

Mr. Curiosity said...

Thanks for the feedback, and thanks of course to CJSW...