Friday, May 18, 2007

From The Inbox

There's a bunch of good stuff going on in Austin tonight and tomorrow, so here's a quick one while I've got a minute. My inbox is kind of overflowed, but these are a few things that I found in there:

"You might have heard about this, you might have already seen it, you may have no idea what I’m talking about, but below is a link to the video of Dawn Landes’ bluegrass cover of Peter Bjorn & John’s “Young Folks.” Dawn recorded the song with WST (We Sorta Tried) Bluegrass Band from Austin, TX and it’s been making it’s way across the internet for a few weeks now. Kind of ironic as apparently, the youngest “folk” in WST is 67.

Who is Dawn Landes? Well, she came from Kentucky and she lives in NY and she’s been performing and recording with the musicians from Hem and The Earlies. She’s supported José Gonzalez, Suzanne Vega, Shannon Wright, Feist, Le Tigre and Andrew Bird. Oh, and she’s also a sound engineer—she’s already gotten the opportunity to record musicians like Philip Glass, Ryan Adams and Joseph Arthur."

(Girl Talk is a Peter Bjorn & John fan as well...)

The Beastie Boys offered up a batch of acapella tracks via their website encouraging people to create remixes and share them with everyone.

A gentleman named Leo Nevilo from Austria held up his end of the bargain, creating ten remixes and sending them over for me to have a listen. The two below caught my attention during the first listen, and you can check out the rest here.

I gave a preview of Black Moth Super Rainbow back in February, and next week their new album Dandelion Gum will finally be released. You can preview the whole thing right here.

The skinny: "Deep in the backwoods of Pennsylvania lives a five piece psyche-rock group called Black Moth Super Rainbow. It doesn't use 'high-tech' gadgets or computers. Members go by aliases like Tobacco (vocals) and Father Hummingbird (Rhodes and monosynth). Most folks refer to the band as being completely detached from the 'real world', while they're actually probably more connected to the 'real world' than anyone else. Its geographical and societal seclusion allows Black Moth to create pop songs uninfluenced by mainstream tunes. Songs are created with a fresh slate-- a complete naivety for 'what's hot' at the moment. Dandelion Gum completely affirms this notion by presenting a collection of fairy-tale psyche-pop that grabs listeners with obscure and unique hooks. Black Moth Super Rainbow gifts listeners with an equally addictive alternative to mainstream pop-- just as brilliant and much more creative."

Holy Fuck will be touring all summer, so if you're going to be in the area of any of their stops I highly recommend that you try to make an appearance. They're currently sharing the stage with !!!, and I've been reading some very good reviews from this tour. Here's a track from their latest EP that you can pick up on MP3/CD & Vinyl at the link, along with one of their short sets during SXSW, where the picture above was taken. During the final five minutes of the show they had a guest on stage with them, an MC named Broken Teeth.

Tour dates, descending:

08.11.07 Wolf Island Festival · Kingston ON
06.26.07 White Heat Club · London UK
06.25.07 ABC2 · Glasgow Scotland UK · w/ Deerhoof
06.23.07 John Peele Stage · Glastonbury Festival UK
06.21.07 Leftfield · Glastonbury UK
06.20.07 Madam Jo Jos · London UK
05.25.07 Headliners · Louisville KY · w/ !!!
05.24.07 Duck Room · St. Louis MO · w/ !!!
05.23.07 Metro · Chicago IL · w/ !!!
05.22.07 Southgate House · Newport KY · w/ !!!
05.21.07 Grog Shop · Cleveland OH · w/ !!!
05.19.07 Lee’s Palace · Toronto ON · w/ !!!


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Yo, this RAWsteel, there's no doubt, BeastieBuzz is back. Can ya smell it. Well done Leo.