Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Gorillaz are extinct

I think this band is the tops. They've got originality, a distinctly unique sound, managed their abundant mainstream success without "selling out," and they produce great tunes using a wide array of influences and musical styles. I recall hearing not too long ago that the Gorillaz had decided to call it quits, and I had been under that assumption until I read what I thought was good news on their Wiki page:

"In the November 2006 edition of Billboard magazine, Murdoc was asked in a Q&A about the future of the Gorillaz, he said "Ooh baby, have we got something special lined up for you. I can't say let you in on it yet, but needless to say it makes the Gorillaz Demon Days period look like a warm up act."

At this point I was saying hell yes, let's do it. But shorty afterwords I came across a more up-to-date release from Gorillaz ringleader Damon Albarn that reads:

"Damon Albarn has confirmed that Gorillaz will release no more studio albums. The Blur singer said that the only project left for the cartoon band will be a film featuring a score composition, that has previously been linked to filmmaker and ‘Monty Python’ mastermind Terry Gilliam. Speaking to BBC Radio 2, Albarn said: “We’re trying to make a film next, starting in September hopefully. It will be a film score. There won’t be another pop record."

Well shit. I guess you can only take a band composed of four fictional animated characters so far. Still, I would love for them to do at least one more album. I'm hesitant to say that Gorillaz had a "good run." Not because of the quality of their output, but the quantity. There were only two official studio albums, the self-titled debut in 2001 and 2005's Demon Days, but there are a couple of remix albums and a dozen non-album tracks for anyone who wants to have the entire Gorillaz catalog. Plus, they put out a compilation DVD in 2002 featuring the videos and animatics related to the release of the band's first album. Two more DVD's came in 2006, a live DVD of Gorillaz performances from 1 November–5 November 2005 at the Manchester Opera House, and a second "videos and animatics" compilation for Demon Days.

Since the Gorillaz appear to be no más and I've got a hoard of their B-Sides and Remixes saved up, I thought I'd share some rare cuts that you might not have heard previously. Click on the image to pick up each album, respectively.



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