Thursday, May 24, 2007

It came from the UK

There are quite a few things that I want to cover over the next couple of days, so here is a quick, condensed version of the monthly UK entry.

Friendly Fires are a trio from St Albans who cover the dancier side of British punk music. Fact Magazine says: "The beginning of the third track of Friendly Fire’s recent debut twelve-inch (‘Photobooth’, out on People in the Sky) might be familiar to you. There’s the classic plink-plonk keyboard melody, and the hollow, three-note bassline. And then, just as you’re getting settled in, their cover of Jamie Principle’s Chicago house anthem, ‘Your Love’, explodes into something else entirely, recasting the original as a frantic punk-funk freakout. Suddenly, I need a whole new way to dance."

(click the link, don't use the playtagger for this track)

Friendly Fires - "Photobooth"

Talk about an unlikely combo......England's electronic/house duo The Chemical Brothers, and the acclaimed rock quintet from North Texas, Midlake. As unlikely as the partnership might have been, the resulting product that came out of it is a fine, downtempo closer to the Brothers' first new album in two years. We Are the Night is out on July 2nd.

Six-piece The Go! Team recently cut a new single, their first official release since the 2005 tour EP Are You Ready For More?. I had the pleasure of attending their first gig in the U.S., when they performed upstairs at Buffalo Billiards during SXSW 2005. People were jumping up and down for the whole show and you could feel the floor bending under your feet with each collective pounce. This was also one of the very few times that I've seen an act come out for an encore during an official showcase. The new single +1 from the tour EP, below...


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go team can't/won't stop.