Monday, May 14, 2007

Locals at La Zona

The good folks over at have joined forces with Direct Events on a series of shows for the next few weeks at La Zona Rosa, featuring some of the best Indie Bands in Austin. Starting tomorrow night and then continuing on Wednesday May, 30th and Thursday June the 7th, three local bands will be hitting the stage to showcase their skills and you can get free admission to any and all of the shows simply by adding your name to one of the guest lists found here.

Information on all three of the Locals at La Zona shows is listed on the nifty little e-card below, and by clicking on any of the artist names you will be taken to their respective MySpace pages. Doors are at 7, music starts at 8, with a full bar, my handsome face, and three good local bands a night putting on a free performance to entertain your socks off. Check it out.


Also happening this week: Beach House returns to Austin once again, this time performing in support of London-based retro pop quartet The Clientele, who have just released their first album since the cult favorite Strange Geometry landed in 2005. Tickets are $8 at the door, or at the link. Below is a selection from Beach House's self-titled debut, along with the opening track from God Save The Clientele which just dropped last week...

The Clientele - "Here Comes The Phantom" |
Beach House - "Master of None" |


In other news, if you haven't turned on the television or checked out any news outlets this week then you might not have heard about this dumbass. Some cop in Detroit confiscated a sack of pot from a criminal suspect and then used it to make a batch of pot brownies with his wife. Then, after getting completely blazed out of their minds the idiot calls 911 and tells the dispatcher “I think we’re dying,” “We made brownies and I think we’re dead, I really do.”

Later on in the 5-minute emergency phone call the cop asks the dispatcher to verify the score on a hockey game to assure that he's not hallucinating, and when the responders arrive at his house around the same time that his mother-in-law shows up, the call ends. Hilarity. The Detroit Free Press has more on the story, and the 911 call can be heard at the link.

Here's a couple of songs just for you, ex-Corporal Edward Sanchez.

Rick James - "Mary Jane"

Ray Charles - "Let's Go Get Stoned"