Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sounds Like Austin, Texas

Sometimes its hard for me to find a radio station that I can get in to, so I put together these long stretches of songs to fill the space. This one is 30 minutes of nothing but Austin artists, many of which I have mentioned previously. This is my first time to feature a few of them, specifically Bill Baird, The Early Tapes, and Yellow Fever.

These are all new songs for most of the artists that I chose to include, so even if you're familiar with them I encourage you to give this a spin. There's one from Peter and the Wolf's new tour cd, one from White Denim's forthcoming release, and a new one from the four-piece instrumental band Cue, who I reviewed at the old site.

Most of this is lo-fi or acoustic, and if you're into it please show these artists some support by checking out the links provided.


Artist: White Denim

Track: "I Can Tell"

Album: Let's Talk About It

Web: MySpace

Artist: The Early Tapes

Track: "She'll Be Coming Home"

Album: The Early Tapes

Web: MySpace

Artist: Yellow Fever

Track: "Alice"

Album: Cats and Rats

Web: MySpace

Artist: Bill Baird

Track: "Sunset's Bathtime"

Album: {{{Sunset}}}

Web: BlondeBill.com

Artist: Peter and the Wolf

Track: "Images"

Album: Fireflies

Web: MySpace

Artist: The Lovely Sparrows

Track: "Chemicals Change"

Album: Pulling Up Floors, Pouring on (New) Paint

Web: MySpace

Artist: Cue

Track: "The Last Good Year of My Life"

Album: SXSW 2007 Demo

Web: MySpace

Artist: The Channel

Track: "The Network Of Eaves"

Album: Sibylline Machine

Web: TheChannelSounds.net

Artist: Bill Callahan

Track: "Sycamore"

Album: Woke On A Whaleheart

Web: DragCity.com

Artist: Li'l Cap'n Travis

Track: "Steady As She Goes"

Album: ...In All Their Splendor

Web: LilCapnTravis.com


Doug said...

Love it! Thanks Lawrence!

Mr. Curiosity said...

Muchas gracias seƱor.