Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Hallelujah Mix

A blurb yanked from yesterday's news: "Her blond hair was pulled back in a disheveled knot, in contrast to the glamorous side-swept style in her booking photo from earlier in the week. At one point during the proceedings, Paris Hilton made the sign of the cross and appeared to be praying."

Are you fucking serious? Deepthroat Hilton is sitting in court, making the sign of the cross and praying to get out of jail time for drunk driving or whatever the hell it was? You've got to be friggin kidding me. That's about the equivalent of Mel Gibson converting to judaism and then making a Passion of the Christ sequel. Someone please wake me when this isn't a top news story anymore. I've got more important things to occupy my time, like figuring out where I can buy some green shoe strings. It isn't that easy, friends.

On a whim I decided to search my music library for religious themes, and came up with some (surprisingly) good results. An eclectic mix of music, that's for sure. An intro from Echoboy and his acordian is followed by some blues from the Soledad Brothers, and a 1927 original from the legendary Blind Willie Johnson.

After that comes some acoustic John Lennon, a nice Beach Boys cover from Ben Kweller, and a couple of live tracks from Jeff Tweedy (thanks Southside) & Jeff Mangum.

Rounding out the list is a lo-fi B-side from Two Gallants (thanks the punkguy), some good-old Beulah, and a little comic relief from The D.

Take it for a spin:

A few other tracks that were considered:
  • The Veils - "Jesus For The Jugular"
  • Mr. Airplane Man - "Jesus On The Mainline"
  • The Byrds - "Jesus Is Just Alright"
  • El Perro Del Mar - "God Knows"
  • Pink Mountaintops - "Lord, Let Us Shine"
  • The White Stripes - "Lord, Send Me an Angel"
  • Johnny Cash - "Personal Jesus"
  • Shellac - "Prayer to God"
  • Slayer - "I'm Gonna Be Your God" (the Stooges)
  • DJ Drama - "Jesus Walks" (Paul Wall feat. Bun B)


krist said...

thanks for the note...

great song huh??

paris praying. don't even think jesus would touch that one!!

nice post.

Timothy said...

i need to recommend the song Hallelujah by k-os. it seemed appropriate. k-os is an amazing musician, i strongly recommend all of his works... start with the joyful rebellion album.

CubikArubik said...

Re: Paris.
As Belle and Sebastian said "Get me away from here, I'm dying".

Re: green shoe laces.
I have some pistachio colored laces if you need to borrow them.

Mr. Curiosity said...

Krist, yes indeed, it is an excellent song. One of the best I've heard from them yet.

Tim, thanks very much for the suggestion.

Cubik, I greatly appreciate the offer to borrow the pistachios, but I'm looking specifically for neon lime and hunter green. If anyone wants to go into the shoestring business, I bet we could corner the market in no time.

krist said...

What about white jesus of 114th st by rye coalition??

an amazing song.

let me know if you need it.

wait is Jesus capitalized??

d said...

how 'bout these?

"jesus was a crossmaker" - the hollies


"gospel song" - black rebel motorcycle club

Mr. Curiosity said...

As far as correctness goes, yes I do believe that a capital J is necessary. "White Jesus of 114th St."? I can't say that I'm familiar with that one...

I really wish I'd had used "Beginning To See The Light" by The Velvet Underground. That one would've been perfect for this.

peteski said...