Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wake Your Ears Up

Earlier this week I received word about yet another exciting act who call Baltimore home. They're called The Death Set, and they have an album coming out next week via Morphius titled Rad Warehouses Bad Neighborhoods. It immediately caught my attention when I first turned it on, and I've found myself listening to it over and over again to shake cobwebs of dull music out of my ears. They sound like The Go! Team jacked up on Red Bull and meth. Basically, the antithesis of boring.

I would recommend taking a listen to the full album opposed to just sampling the two tracks below, but check it out either way. I didn't know what to think of this one at first, but for some reason I can't stop listening to it. Make sure to listen to "Zombie," that's a rock & roll song right there.

Listen: The Death Set - Rad Warehouses Bad Neighborhoods
And one more from their album simply titled To, which you can pick up at eMusic..
From Morphius:
Originally formed in Sydney, Australia during 2005, The Death Set relocated halfway across the world, settling between Brooklyn & Baltimore. Immediately on arrival they began dishing out incendiary live shows all over the place, shortly followed by the release of their debut CD, entitled “To”. That EP along with The Death Set’s first performances in the U.S. earned them awards such as Baltimore City Paper’s Best Live Band 2006, and Best Show of 2006 from Pitchfork contributor Girl Talk (from a Pittsburgh performance with Dan Deacon). In late 2006, after a short break from U.S. touring, the band traveled back overseas for an east coast Australian tour which included major launch parties. After resolving some immigration issues and wrapping up production on a new batch of songs, visual artist Beau Velasco and frontman/producer Johnny Siera returned to the U.S. to complete their follow-up CD release: Rad Warehouses Bad Neighborhoods, which is being released in the U.S. on June 26th.

Still sporting jury-rigged equipment and throwing down fuzzed-out distortion laden vocals, The Death Set pick up right where they left off –12 great genre-smashing tracks to entice a diverse group of listeners with the band’s addictive pop-art parody. Ever-present are their blistering signature co-leads and searing guitar riffs, set against ingeniously crafted post-casiotone backing tracks.
The Death Set will be in Austin on July 1st at the Beauty Bar. Check out the rest of the tour dates at myspace.


Kip Gasparick said...

I found a comment of yours in an forum discussion. I linked to you.


Mr. Curiosity said...

Much obliged Kip. Your site is very comprehensive, excellent work.


Kip Gasparick said...

Thanks! I was cruising around your site for a few earlier and thoroughly enjoyed my stay.

butter team said...

just found out death set will be playing whartscape in baltimore with dan deacon on july 21...and I'll be out of town. expletives.

Mr. Curiosity said...

I saw Dan and the Videohippos a week or so ago, and it was one of the best shows I've seen since SXSW. Baltimore is blowing up.